- Biomonitoring of water quality - Aquatic macroinvertebrate assessments (SASS5) - Aquatic Ecosystem Health assessments - Riverine connectivity assessments - Hydrological modelling - Baseline and Impact studies - Riparian vegetation assessments - Riparian delineations - Ecological Reserve and Species sensitivity studies - Design of biomonitoring plans - Environmental/Natural Flow assessments (EFAs) - Develop rehabilitation plan for rivers/wetlands - GIS mapping of river/wetland - Database design and management


- Plant surveys and vegetation mapping - Ecosystem services assessments - Long-term biodiversity (insects and plants species) surveys - Desktop biodiversity assessments and sensitivity mapping - Risk analyses and clearing of invasive alien plant infestations - Biodiversity impacts assessment from planned developments / activities - Development of management plans - Monitoring and evaluation (audits) of ecosystems rehabilitation - Identifying high conservation value areas


- Water Quality Analyses (Borehole, rivers, wetlands, pools, treatment plants) - Molecular Cell Analyses and Biotechnology of Plants Species - Identification of Aquatic Insects Species - Identification of Ants Species - Identification of Bats Species - Identification of Spiders Species - Identification of Plants Species


- Environmental Education And Awareness Training - Geographic Information System Mapping (GIS) Packages - Microsoft Packages - MiniSASS for Rivers Training - Post Graduate Student Supervision - R-Studio Statistic software